Sunday, October 28, 2012

Grsync - A Must Have

Here’s one of those programs that I consider a “must have”. A couple of weeks ago I was talking with one of my friends over at openSUSE and we were discussing file backups and how cumbersome it can be to move hundreds of gigs of data from one drive to another. Yes it can be a pain waiting for all those files to move over plus all the warnings about duplicates, renames and what have you. Thankfully, some really cool engineer developed a GUI for the ever powerful rsync function pre-installed into most (if not all) Linux distros.

With this said, it’s pretty obvious that Grsync is simply a GUI for the powerful rsync command. It makes backing or moving large amounts of data from one location to another as simple as a couple of checkboxes and mouse clicks. Selections are available to skip files that are newer, delete all files in the destination and replace with the new files only (be careful doing this if you want to keep those old photos!), do not leave the file structure, maintain permissions, run in Super User mode (this is especially useful when backing up your LAMP stack) and much more.

Originally I was going to write this as a How-To article, but Grsync is so intuitive and easy to use going through all the options would be redundant so I figured I would just jot it down for distribution as promotion for use by other Linux users. For those of you out there who are still into proprietary operating systems, Grsync will run on Windows and Mac as well. This is the kind of software example that I truly believe to be the epitome of cool. It costs absolutely nothing, is open source and works on all major operating system platforms. Everyone wins with this level of coding!

Here are some good resource articles to get your copy and some useful information: