Saturday, April 30, 2016

Go All The Way

As I begin to come to the end of Joel Osteen’s book It’s Your Time, I find myself wanting to share what I’ve read with my friends around me. While I work on trying to memorize the overall principles so that I may grow as both a person and in my Christian faith, I also realize that my “humanity” limits my ability to memorize as much as I truly would like. Hence, this, among other posts I have, and most likely will in the future share, is an excerpt from the book which I highly recommend to anyone who believes in the power of God and positive thinking. It’s so much easier to stay in our own small comfort zone, but if we just go a little outside of that at each opportunity, God will favor us with his blessing.

From Joel Osteen’s book It’s Your Time:

A professor at a university was just about to pass out the final exam, the most important test of the year for his class. But first, he told his students how proud he was of them, how disciplined they had been, and how they just worked so hard. 
Since they had done so well, he made them a special offer. He said, “Anyone who would like to get an automatic C on the test, just raise your hand and you won’t even have to take the test. I’ll just give you a C.” 
One hand went up. Then another, and another, and another until about half the class had opted out of taking the test. Those students received the automatic C. They were so happy. They left the class filled with joy. 
The professor then passed out tests to the rest of the students. He placed the forms on their desks and asked them not to turn them over until instructed to do so. For the next few minutes, he encouraged them and told them how they would do great things in life. 
He congratulated them for not settling for a mediocre grade. “You are willing to strive to do your best. To fulfill your highest potential, and you will e rewarded for that all your lives,” he said. 
Then the professor gave his students the okay to turn their tests over and begin. Well, they discovered their tests had just two short sentences. “Congratulations. You’ve just earned an A.”
Always keep growing, keep learning, keep stirring up those natural gifts God put inside you. God has complete faith in you that you can achieve great things because he has equipped you with everything you need. He created you perfectly according to his plans for you. There is nothing more that you need than to unlock those gifts God gave you and put them into action.